How can I get my Ellevest Digital or Premium account approved by my employer’s compliance team?

If you're affiliated with the securities industry, you’ll need to complete an approval form from Folio Investments, the broker-dealer and custodian for your Ellevest Digital or Premium account, before you can begin funding your account. Once you’re an Ellevest client, you can:

  1. Download the PDF.
  2. Complete the Account Owner Statement (page 2).
  3. Then have your firm’s compliance team complete the FINRA Compliance Officer Statement (page 3).
  4. You can submit the form to Folio at, or using the instructions on the first page.



  • You can find your Ellevest account number(s) on the Ellevest platform.
  • See our Client Agreement and our Terms of Service for more information about Ellevest’s services.
  • If you open another Ellevest account in the future, you’ll need to fill out an approval form and get approval for that account, too.
  • Folio can’t provide physical statements or trade confirmation, but your compliance team can set up online access to this information using the form.
  • Folio can also provide file extracts to compliance platforms such as Star Compliance and MyComplianceOffice. Reach out to our team at for more information!
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