Why do I see cash and securities outside my goals?

There are a few reasons why you might see a balance of cash or securities outside of your goals.


Transfers or Rollovers

If you have a pending rollover or transfer to your Ellevest account, cash and/or securities may appear outside of your goal while the rollover or transfer is being processed.


Checks, Wires, or Direct Deposits

If you send money directly to your custodian Folio Investments, the cash amount will appear outside your goals until you select the goal where the money should be allocated. If we don’t hear back from you within five business days of receiving the deposit, we will invest the funds for you in the goal you selected as your “preferred” goal.


Monthly Fees

Right before the monthly fee is debited from your account, the approximate amount will appear in your outside goals balance.



Small residual amounts may also display as outside your goals. These could be from a previous transfer or rollover, or from pending trades in your account.


While we make every effort to keep you fully invested at all times and seek to ensure that you don’t have a larger cash amount than needed, small amounts of cash as part of your total balance (or small negative amounts) is normal and expected.

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