How can I participate in shareholder voting or voluntary actions for the securities in my Ellevest Digital/Premium portfolio?

If one or more of the securities of your Ellevest Digital/Premium portfolios has an upcoming shareholder vote, you will receive a proxy notice from your broker-dealer and custodian, Folio Investments. A proxy is a written document that allows a shareholder to vote online.

Folio Investments will also email you when other voluntary actions such as tender offers are available.

To review the proxy statement, submit a vote or view other available voluntary actions:

  1. Find your Folio login and create a password. To find your Folio username, log into your Ellevest Dashboard and use the left-hand menu to select Profile, and then scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to create your Folio password.
  2. View the Corporate Activity tab on the Folio website to review the notifications or submit a vote. Go to the Accounts page in your Folio account and select Corporate Activities. Please note that you will only see this tab if there is information for you to review.

If you are having issues finding any of this information on your Ellevest Dashboard, please contact us at

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