Where can I view my Ellevest Digital or Premium tax forms and monthly statements?

You can access all monthly statements and your annual tax forms either by logging into Ellevest or through the Folio Client site.

To access your statement at Ellevest, you can log into your Ellevest Digital or Premium account, click on Banks & Statements in the left-hand menu, and then click on the Statements tab.

To access it on Folio Client:  

  1. Find your Folio login and create a password.  To find your Folio username, log into your Ellevest account and use the left-hand menu to select Profile. You can scroll to the bottom to the page for instructions on how to create your Folio password.
  2. Log into your Folio account, and visit the Statements and Tax Records page.  

If you are having issues finding any of this information on your Ellevest Dashboard, please contact us at support@ellevest.com.

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