How can I view my Ellevest Goals on

We get this question a lot - yes, you can view your Ellevest information on!

To view your Ellevest goals on

  1. You must be an Ellevest Client - You need to have eSigned on the Ellevest Dashboard to get this process started.
  2. Find your Folio login and create a password.  To find your Folio username, log into your Ellevest Dashboard and use the side navigation to select Profile and then the Login Tab. You'll see a link on the page to instructions on how to create your Folio password - if you're having issues, send us a note.  
  3. Look up Folio Investing on  Folio is the broker/dealer and custodian for your Ellevest account, and Folio Investing will be the company name you’ll need to search for on Mint.

If you are having issues finding any of this information on your Ellevest Dashboard, please contact the Ellevest Help Desk (

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