How long does it take to withdraw money from Ellevest Digital/Premium?

The custodian for your account, Folio, processes client withdrawal requests for taxable brokerage accounts and the Emergency Fund goal generally within 7 business days.

When you confirm the amount that you would like to withdraw, we sync up with Folio so that they can initiate the transfer to your bank account – this typically takes 1-2 business days. Folio then places an order to raise those funds by selling securities in your portfolio. It takes 3 business days for the trades to settle (Trade Day + 2 business days) which is the settlement period mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Once the trades are complete, the funds will be transferred to your outside checking or savings account which generally takes 1-2 business days.  

This same timing is also applied to withdrawing the funds from your Emergency Fund goal.  For more information on the FDIC and the protections in place for your cash, please see this FAQ.

The IRA withdrawal process requires additional steps due to the potential tax penalties for early withdrawals. You will be provided with a form to be filled out and sent to our custodian, Folio. Once Folio receives the form, they require verbal authorization over the phone to liquidate your funds and transfer them to your linked bank account.

To make a withdrawal from your IRA at Ellevest Digital/Premium, you can contact our Concierge Team at and they will work with you to fill out the required paperwork.

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