How do Ellevest Digital/Premium and Folio work together?

Ellevest is your investment advisor; we manage your money. Ellevest Digital/Premium has selected Folio, an independent third party, to act as custodian to safeguard your assets and to provide clearing and execution of transactions in your account based on our instructions. The below diagram summarizes your relationship with Ellevest Digital/Premium and Folio, and we provide further detail in subsequent questions.




How we all work together:

You + Ellevest Digital/Premium:

  • Get a customized portfolio for each of your biggest goals.
  • Use Ellevest trade-off tools to plan and prioritize.
  • Keep contributing to your goals, and Ellevest will give you a heads-up if you fall off track.

You + Folio:

  • Folio is your account custodian — a safekeeper for your funds and securities.
  • Folio allows you to link to your bank account, which you validate using test deposits.
  • Folio buys and sells investment funds in your account based on Ellevest's directions.

Ellevest Digital/Premium + Folio:

  • Ellevest issues instructions to Folio to buy and sell investment funds based on the specific goals that you fund and your timeline to reach those goals.
  • Your monthly statements and annual tax documents will be available on both Ellevest and Folio’s websites
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