How is Ellevest Digital/Premium different from other digital investment advisors?

Customized portfolios. Other advisors offer either a handful of portfolios, or an overwhelming inventory of products. Ellevest Digital and Premium have hundreds of unique portfolios, that are tailored to women’s specific goals and timelines.

A different take on risk. We don't ask you questions about your risk tolerance to determine what your portfolio should be. Instead we determine your capacity for risk, based upon the goals you choose, and the timeline for those goals, and customize portfolios to each of those goals.

A goals-based approach. You can invest in multiple goals at one time, such as a down payment on a house or starting your own business. Ellevest looks at your profile, goals and timeline, then recommends goal-specific portfolios, target amounts, savings, and more for a completely customized investment plan. You can then explore changes to any aspect of your plan and see the tradeoffs you can make among goals.

Personalized Investment Plans. We provide deposit, savings, timeline, and portfolio recommendations for achieving each of your goals. The projections we show you are based upon these recommendations, as well as personal information such as your salary, growth in your salary based upon a gender-specific, education based salary curve, and your assets.

Higher likelihood of meeting your goals. We aim for a higher likelihood of getting you to your goal in 70% of market scenarios. Some other digital advisors may show higher forecasts, but those forecast only have a 50% estimated chance of achievement... so “average” or “slightly better than average”.

Ongoing management and alerts. Ellevest monitors your portfolio on a regular basis and rebalances to your target allocation as needed to help you reach your goals. Our portfolio recommendations generally get more conservative as you approach the end of your timeline; this helps reduce the chance of losses due to market movements. For retirement goals however, we may adjust your portfolio to a more aggressive allocation to increase your chances of achieving your goal. If you fall off track, you can also use our Goal Planner to determine what changes you can make to get back on track.

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