What if my current IRA provider doesn’t support electronic transfers?

If your current IRA provider doesn’t support electronic transfers, then we’ll let you know right after you esign and send you an email summarizing your next steps:

  1. You will need to contact your current provider and request that they sell all of the investments in your IRA, or do it yourself manually (you may incur transaction and transfer fees from your current provider).
  2. Ask your provider to write a check with your newly liquidated IRA funds made payable to Folio Investments for the benefit of [your name] and [Folio account number]*.
  3. Instruct your provider to mail the check to Folio Investments at the address listed below:

Folio Investing
8180 Greensboro Drive, 8th Floor
McLean, VA 22102

If your current provider will only mail the check to you, then you must send the check to Folio Investments - not Ellevest - within 60 days of the check date to avoid any penalties.

*To find your Folio account number and type, log in to the Ellevest site, click "Profile" on the left-hand toolbar, and then scroll down to the bottom of the "Login" page.

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