What is the difference between Ellevest Digital and Ellevest Premium?

Ellevest Digital and Ellevest Premium are two investment services currently offered by Ellevest:


Ellevest Digital — no minimum balance, 0.25% annual fee on your assets under management

With Ellevest Digital, you get an investment strategy that puts women at the center, as well as unlimited access to a team committed to helping you with your Ellevest goals.

As an Ellevest Digital client, you get personalized investment portfolios created specifically for your goals. These portfolios use investing algorithms that factor in women’s longer life spans and unique salary curves in order to better serve your financial goals. On top of that, while you invest, Ellevest’s Tax Minimization Methodology works constantly behind the scenes to reduce your taxes where possible.

You also get unlimited text and email support from the Ellevest Concierge Team with Ellevest Digital. The Ellevest Concierge Team can help you consolidate IRAs and old 401(k)s; customize your Ellevest accounts, investment plan, and goals; and is available to answer any Ellevest-related questions you may have.


Ellevest Premium — $50,000 minimum balance, 0.50% annual fee on your assets under management

With Ellevest Premium, you get all of the benefits of Ellevest Digital, plus financial and career guidance from dedicated professionals who are in your corner.

When you want to talk money, you can schedule one-on-one sessions with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™️ to get personalized guidance on your money goals. Our CFPs® are ready to discuss a range of financial topics, from buying a home to managing money through life and career transitions. They will spend each session focusing on your questions, concerns, and goals, and will make recommendations as needed.

 For career questions, you can schedule one-on-one executive coaching sessions with a member of the Ellevest Career Team. Our Executive Coaches are prepared to help you sharpen your negotiation skills, make strategic choices to advance your career, and navigate other situations where you want to make an impact. Each session will focus on your pressing questions, and our Executive Coaches will work with you as you look to gain an edge in your career.


Which service is right for me?

 We created Ellevest Digital and Ellevest Premium to help women do more — with their money and their careers — at every stage of their lives.

With either service, you have access to helpful tools and dedicated support for your goals. Ellevest Premium is especially suited for helping you with the financial and career decisions that impact your money the most. If you meet the minimum balance requirement and choose this service, you can work with an experienced team to get the most out of your money and career. If you want to use Ellevest Premium, you can switch your service online or email concierge@ellevest.com for help determining how to fund your account to meet the minimum account balance.

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