What’s an Ellevest Executive Coach session, and when can I use it?

Available through our Ellevest Premium service, an Ellevest Executive Coach session is a convenient way for you to get help with important career decisions. During this 30-minute call, our Executive Coaches can coach you through salary and raise negotiations, switching fields, returning to work after a career break, and other areas where you want to make an impact. Use these sessions whenever you want help with taking your career to the next level!


Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve decided you want to talk to an Executive Coach, head over to the My Ellevest Team page of your Ellevest account to book a session. You will receive a confirmation email from Ellevest with a link to a short pre-call form that you’ll need to fill out at least 24 hours prior to your call. This way, you and the Executive Coach can spend your session focusing on your pressing career questions.

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